Bharat our Motherland is blessed with the birth of noble Seers, Sages and Saints. Sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswthi and great mountain Himalayas exist here. The first University in the world was established in Takshashila in 700BC and great sages like Yagnavalkya, Sayana, Bhaskaracharya, Aryabhatta lived in Bharat. Abundant Natural resources and wealth of wisdom are immersed here.

In the passage of time, we failed to respect our rich cultural heritage, customs, traditions and ancient wisdom taught by our predecessors, resulting in unhappiness, poor health and less sustanance. In order to transform india we have to transform ourselves.

Our people with unity in diversity have to make Bharat victorious in the world and ever revel in peace; prosperity and Happiness. We have to live harmoniously and work together with devotion, wisdom and inspired patriotism to empower our nation as world leader.

We have formulated this Unique trust to inculcate Mind, inspire Wisdom and integrate whole humanity with love. We hope that with these ideals, Bharat World become an economic super power and knowlegde super power, serving people across the world with Empathy.

Our objectives, vision, mission and goals are unique keeping phase with digitalised and advanced economical means and ways of the land. Transformation of youth, woman empowerment, advancement in agriculture, adequate Health care, value blased education, research in ancient vedic sciences, creation of rural empolyment opportunities and village nourishment are predominantly given importance.

The formation of "BHCS Trust" occurred serendipitously by his grace and our chairman Acharya Peringara Kesavan Namboothiri gives us his divine guidance, for its smooth functioning.

Even though for academic resons and legal entity, we the seven trustees have shouldered the responsibillities, we known that without the support of whole humanity, we cannot move forward in its implementations. Hence we invite and solicit each one of you to join in our venture as a "patron" giving your moral support, enthusiasm, material surety and valuable advice so that our "Pilgrimage towards the transpired and Transformed Abode of Bharat Mata" could be accomplished.

Please ensure that

"service to humanity are service to God and you will be blessed by Him with true rewards in life!!"

Hari Saranam

Bharat Human Care Services Trust (Regd.)

The journey begins…
Registered Address - GANAPATHY, COIMBATORE-641 006.
Date of Birth – 15 Feb 2017
Trustee Members: -

Our Vision

Transforming Self

What’s Missing?

  1. No Human Values.
  2. Lack of Spiritual and Cultural Awareness.
  3. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life.
  4. Confused Youth with no Goals or Vision.

What’s the Vision?

Develop the people to be more self sustained, spiritually aware, always vibrant, innovative without compromising on patriotism, human values and traditional heritage.

Our Mission Statement

  • Spreading spiritual awareness to all sects of the country and inspire to be more patriotic.
  • Shifting focus in life from “knowledge development” to “Skill development”.
  • Develop awareness about our culture and traditional values through Yoga, Music, Vedic chants or mantras, Meditation etc.
  • Medical amenities available within reach to all without any discrimination.
  • Being more self sustained through Agricultural & Cattle development.
  • Innovation for Enrichment of Society and Nation.

Our Enablers

  1. Youth invigoration for Holistic transformation of Bharat.
  2. Agricultural/Rural development.
  3. Women Empowerment with Skills development and Social Protection.
  4. Holistic Mental Health of Humanity with Yoga, Music, Herbal, Prayer therapies.
  5. Vedic Research and Value based Education.
  6. Charity for the Deprived and Deserved for Progress Environmental Cleanliness.
  7. Dairy/Cattle Development.
  8. Senior Citizens welfare.
  9. Swatch Bharat Scheme.
  10. Veda Teaching.
  11. Providing Employment Opportunity through small scale industry, Bio Gas plant etc.

Roles & Responsibilities

Front Line Engagers :

  1. In Short they will be the teachers who need bring together the youth and train them.
  2. Build and Inspire the patriotism, character building.
  3. Build their interest and love for the nation and society.

Front Line Leaders :

  1. Each of our wings would need a commander in charge who can guide these Wisdom Ambassadors.
  2. Ensuring that the expenditure is in control and also enabling a smooth income to be generated.
  3. Supervision of the work and project movement.

Women Empowerment Captains :

  1. They will play a pivotal role to steer-lead the women empowerment projects.
  2. This will include training the women to take some of the small scale industry work that the trust has planned.
  3. Need to be capable in inspiring the women to be self sufficient with sustainability.

  1. Campaign & Inspire,
  2. Organize & Accomplish,
  3. Analyze & Ascertain,
  4. Feedback & Follow-up.

Rural Development Officers :

  1. A very capable and qualified person in agriculture, diary farming and should be very well informed on the latest Schemes that the government has in place.
  2. To educate the farmers and the economically backward class to be aware of such schemes.
  3. Need to connect with the general public provoke them for optimum utilization of resources.

Vedic Researchers and Guides :

  1. They should be Gurus and scholars proficient in translating Vedic hymns.
  2. Act as spiritual guides to imbibe practical applications in life.
  3. Very aware of the ancient scriptures.

Professionals :

  1. Yoga Teachers.
  2. Ayurveda Scholars.
  3. Musicians or Music researchers.
  4. Herbal Plantation Specialists.
  5. Environmentalists.
  6. Lecturers or Professors in Philosophy.